Energy – Only Pay For What You Use

As your business grows so does the expense of keeping it running so how do you make sure that you’re paying the correct amount to your suppliers?

Take energy for example, bill calculation errors can be very costly for businesses and consumers alike and there is a high probability that checking bills manually can lead to mistakes, meaning you could be paying for more than you should.

So how does bill validation work for businesses?

Your energy broker will provide you with a service whereby your bills are checked against your consumption, energy contracts, government taxes and levies; making sure that you pay the correct amounts and for the correct use . But it is also essential that historic charges are also checked and any amounts that have been overcharged are reclaimed through audit checks. We spoke to a few businesses to understand how it has helped them.

“Bill Validation has saved us so much money”

“An essential part of our business was establishing and utilising energy management services. Using bill validation has really helped us save money and time.

Our bills are checked to make sure that we are only using the exact amount our business has consumed and any discrepancies are then dealt with through our broker and the energy supplier. Like most businesses, our time is limited to dealing with our customers and ensuring the smooth running of the company so to have someone completely independent who knows what they are doing and is able to efficiently expediate matters on our behalf really has helped. We’re completely focussed on our business without the added distraction of dealing with the utilities because we have left these in the hands of an expert

“Our bills just piled up and we hadn’t realised how much we had been overcharged”

“We hadn’t thought about using an energy management company before, everything was dealt with in-house. However, running a business and dealing with the back-office processes, specifically utilities always ended up at the bottom of the pile. We hadn’t realised how much our energy was costing us until we had an independent review done by a reputable firm who undertook a thorough audit of our historical bills. We soon discovered that we had been paying for energy we hadn’t even used and were delighted when we were told we could reclaim a refund from our supplier. Had we not had this review done, we would never had realised that we were paying too much and since then our broker has been able to negotiate a better deal for our energy supply and we now know exactly what we’re paying for, thanks to the ongoing monitoring undertaken by our broker”.

These are just a few of the clients we have helped, it is vitally important that a business of any size considers using services such as bill validation and auditing, not only can it help you obtain better energy deals but it can monitor and provide ongoing support. Energy prices fluctuate greatly and it can be difficult to understand the terminology which is used to describe your usage, using someone who understands this and who is able to secure the best rates only proves invaluable to your business.

UK Energy Management have assisted businesses with bill assurance, historic audits and ongoing monitoring, our expert knowledge in this field has helped many companies secure better energy deals by utilising these services.

Contact us for assistance and guidance on your business utilities. Our advice will cost you nothing and we could save you money in the future.