The UK’s rapidly changing electricity system and how it could benefit you!

Over the years, the way we use electricity has changed, we’re more conscience of our own obligations to the environment and are using electricity which is generated using low carbon sources such as nuclear and wind power. Moreover, we are now able to generate our own electricity for our homes and businesses by using solar panels. With all this technology making it easier for us to use energy, how do we keep a track of how much we’re using?

“Accurate data could save the UK billions”

The introduction of smart meters has helped consumers take back more control of how much their homes and businesses are using and as we look to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, we then turn our attention to other ways of using clean energy such as running our vehicles. The popularity of electric cars places new demand on the grid, which is why it needs an effective data and communication system that could save the UK £40 billion by 2050 and meet its carbon reduction targets.

Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, working with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, has up to £1.9 million to invest in the development of products and services that will modernise data services in the energy sector. Now this is a competition with many stipulations, rules and regulations such as showing regard for data security and to be flexible and easy to use (among other things), but essentially it aims to solve the fundamental problem of exchanging digital energy information between energy organisations and with other stakeholders by supporting the development of products or services which can later be commercialised and employed to solve similar problems elsewhere.

“An ambitious project but one which will help the energy sector greatly”

With £1.9 million up for grabs, projects that are being put forward must demonstrate how they can accelerate the development of tools and processes which will not only modernise data services for the energy sector but also help the UK to meet it’s target of achieving net zero emissions by further reducing our reliance on using carbon for heat, power and transport. An ambitious project but one which will help the energy sector greatly.

This investment and the eventual development will lead the UK into a future where we can meet our climate obligations by providing cleaner energy to businesses and homes alike but also accurately measure the amount we are using. Its an exciting time for the energy sector and here at UKEM, we’re keen on helping businesses take advantage by providing assistance to ensure that they’re billed accurately and are also compliant with new legislation.

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