Building Management Systems – Using them to effectively control your business

There are a lot of ways that you can make small incremental improvements to your business, processes that over time would make cumulative gains and can be hugely significant to how you manage your company. Energy for example is one process that can greatly benefit from effective systems and controls, allowing you to ensure that you only pay for the amount of energy your business has used.

Small changes equal big savings

All businesses from manufacturing to clerical will use energy intensive equipment, whether it’s machinery or computer servers, this usage adds to the building’s overall energy consumption. By integrating controls and systems together, you can optimise business performance and reduce the energy usage whilst still maintaining business integrity.

How much should we spend to optimise our business output?

Talk to an expert who can guide you through the options, they’ll be an initial outlay but seeking advice from a professional can be beneficial, they can assist in finding a system for you or even suggest changes that can be made to your current environment. Your energy manager will even be able to suggest government grants that your business may be eligible for. Taking the right advice will reduce costs and energy usage and improve productivity.

Some simple changes can go a long way

There are a few changes you can make that can benefit your business such as linking your heating, and air conditioning systems. When managing your internal environment, consider the external conditions, ask an energy expert to look at your tariffs as day and night rates differ and it might be beneficial to your business to utilise energy intensive processes at the most cost-effective times.

Which system should I use?

Sourcing a BMS system to meet your specific needs and business goals can be a time-consuming process and it is far more practicable to speak to an adviser who can assess your needs and provide you with a tailored solution. Ongoing monitoring is also essential, and your adviser will be able to manage the installation of the system as well as provide ongoing support to make sure that it delivers your business objectives, reduce your energy consumption and maximise performance.

Is your business looking for a business management system?

Talk to us about your needs and we will arrange for a professional who will make an assessment on your requirements and suggest the right BMS for you. By choosing the right system, you can access real time data, take control of your energy consumption and make analytical decisions based on accurate information.

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