The automotive industry is a vital part of the UK economy. With over 160,000 people employed in the sector from big car manufacturers to petrol garages, and many other businesses in the supply chain; it comes as no surprise the automotive sector is a high energy consumer across the board.

Every business in this sector, regardless of size is influenced by energy use. The amalgamation of energy costs being on the rise and environmental obligations, plus the weighty effect of regulatory compliance, has an impact on the effective daily running of any business in the sector.

Businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve by improving strategies that take full advantage of energy efficiency, and reduce energy use, must look at energy from a fresh perspective. UK Energy Management has the expertise and experience to ensure you can navigate this new energy landscape and manage your energy usage to produce optimum results.

UK Energy Management is skilled at creating a bespoke plan of action to develop best practice for our clients. Our evolving bespoke plans are never static because your business is never static. We continually monitor, analyse, and manage our clients’ energy data to ensure every action is based on fact.

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