Trust & Large Estates

Large estates are immediately viewed as wealthy environments; few people appreciate the accompanying staggering annual cost of running a large estate. A conservative estimate of the annual cost of maintaining an historic house is 2 per cent of its value.

All large estate owners will tell you without hesitation a big pain-point is the cost of utilities. If you run a trust or a large estate, reducing your energy usage is at the top of your priority list. As with other sectors, reducing your bills goes hand in hand with reducing your energy consumption – making you energy efficient as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

There are many ways energy usage targets can be achieved, by assessing your bills and pin pointing exactly where savings can be made, UK Energy Management can ensure that you are running an energy efficient trust or estate. UK Energy Management’s response and recommendations to the pressing need to reduce energy use is also sensitive to the need to preserve the heritage of the property, listed or not.

Large estates can be made more energy efficient, frequently through comparatively minor and easy interventions, this enables the properties to retain their special character and appearance, as well as the features – such as doors and windows – that make them special.   When key energy efficiency measures are planned based on UK Energy Management’s methods of monitoring, analysing, and reporting, we understand the importance for considering how and where these are likely to be acceptable – conserving character and saving energy are both important.

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