Can you tell if your energy supply is green or greenwashed?

Renewable energy sources are growing in popularity; the need to protect our planet by cutting our carbon footprint is certainly influencing its rise, but how can we be sure that our tariffs are as green as they are meant to be?

There are several renewable tariffs on the market, and consumers buy from suppliers on a trust basis. That is, they believe that they are getting exactly what they are paying for.

However, there are suppliers who may claim to be green who in fact are not as green as they claim.

Whilst some companies do buy directly from generators thus being able to demonstrate that they do indeed supply ‘clean’ energy to consumers, many do not and; although they claim to be providing Carbon friendly energy by using terms such as ‘low carbon’, this does in fact include gas and so therefore isn’t accurate.

Indeed, most energy suppliers who promote 100% renewable energy tariffs are not very green at all.

These types of supplier buy “REGO” (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) certificates from renewable energy providers. Most tariff providers are not actually producing renewable energy themselves and the REGO certificate enable providers to buy the right to put an ‘eco’-label on their tariffs. 

This is all above board (according to Ofgem), nevertheless, this can be misleading consumers into a false sense of security where many of them will believe that their tariffs are carbon-friendly, the truth is; they are something quite different. 

Providers who are purchasing cheap REGO certificates instead of generating or buying genuine renewable energy are charging consumers the same as the providers who are producing renewable energy; they are therefore not investing in technology to make cleaner, carbon neutral energy, something that would help our planet considerably.

So how can we be sure that we are using real renewable energy? We all want to play our part in improving our environment, and we should all be scrutinising our energy supply and usage to combat climate change.

UK Energy Management have the knowledge and experience which helps to cut through the jargon. We know the suppliers that are actively generating renewable energy along with those that are ‘labelling’ their energy as renewable and therefore not considering the environmental cost of climate change.

If you are unsure about your tariff and want to look deeper into where your energy supply comes from, contact UK Energy Management. We help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their overall cost of energy consumption, not only by reviewing their current tariff, but also by providing helpful advice on how to reduce energy usage in the workplace.

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