Care Industry

Care homes and residential services provide an invaluable service to our growing ageing population. Funding shortfalls in care services, such as staffing costs and patient care costs, are often blamed for failing standards. It is clear care homes need to keep a keen eye their budgets.

Energy consumption is high on a care home’s budget agenda. A comprehensive and 24/7 demand for energy and water in care homes reveals cutting energy consumption is the only assured method to reducing energy bills and, just as vital, lowering carbon emissions. Wedged between a constant need to use energy and rising energy costs, care homes are always looking to energy efficiency measures to reduce their overheads.

By monitoring and analysing a care homes energy performance and usage, UK Energy Management can demonstrate to care home managers the areas most vulnerable to suffering costs and create tailor-made energy solutions accordingly.

UK Energy Management can help to identify the most effective technologies to integrate and where to install them. For example, applying something as simple as LED lighting or a more efficient heating system could save a care home manager a huge amount of money in the long run; a saving that could be reinvested into other areas of the care home, e.g. patient care improvements, etc.

Care homes are also a perfect sector for on-site generation technologies, including combined heat and power (CHP) systems, solar energy, and biomass to make high-energy use more cost-effective and reduce carbon emissions. UK Energy Management can help care home managers deciding on the best framework by conducting a life-cycle analysis of what could generate the best ROI.

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