The UK hospitality sector is diverse, ranging from independently owned small businesses with under ten employees to large-chain companies with a nationwide presence. Sub-sectors of the hospitality sector include:

  • Hotels
  • Leisure Attractions
  • Pubs and Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Contract Catering/Food Service Management
  • Coffee Shops
  • Self-Catering and Holiday Centres

Hospitality businesses are well-known in the energy sector for their high energy consumption. Energy Management should be a top priority for any hospitality business owner who has a focus on costs and overall efficiency.

Money saved on energy bills goes straight to the bottom line of the business; this makes businesses more competitive, and with energy prices rising currently, this is more vital than ever. The application of cost-effective energy efficiency measures also increases levels of staff and customer comfort as well as impacting positively on general morale.

Financial and customer focussed benefits are important to any business, just as important is the social and environmental impact when reducing energy consumption too. Active energy efficiency can enhance a business’s reputation and help to attract new clients.

UK Energy Management are experts at identifying where your business is wasting energy and how to manage the ongoing process of improving the situation. Heating and lighting are two areas where consumption can be reduced significantly. Energy usage from heating alone can account for 60% of a hospitality company’s’ total energy cost and on average, 25% of electricity cost.

Because the range of business types, business size, and energy usage is so wide in the hospitality sector, UK Energy Management ensures its monitoring, reporting, and procurement expertise is delivered in a bespoke and evolving framework that adapts quickly to changes in your business and in the energy market. Our clients tell us our focus on energy management being integral to their business gives them huge reassurance about our work and results.

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