How AI can help with Energy Management

Have you ever thought about how AI can help your business? This would have seemed impossible in years gone past, but more and more companies are looking at technology to help them control the infrastructure of their businesses.

I don’t know about you but when someone mentions AI to me I think of Skynet and Terminators crushing human skulls underfoot. NB: this blog hasn’t been written to coincide with another new Terminator film!

But the key point of those films, that humanity should fear Artificial Intelligence, is a real fear for many, even if it is more related to the loss of their jobs as computers are able to do them faster, better and cheaper!

Take energy management for example, using a program to monitor energy usage would in turn mean that your business only pays for the consumption it uses. It can learn to control and predict energy usage that can help save money on one of the largest outputs of any business.

So what is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is any technique that enables a computer to copy human intelligence but also learn statistical techniques to enable a computer to perform a task more efficiently so that it processes data more quickly.

What do we think?

Here at UKEM we feel that technological advancements are positive, indeed a necessity, to provide us with the sustainable, clean and cheaper energy that we all want. Computers have been a key part of energy efficiency for many years and are now fully embedded in the way we analyse energy usage and indeed predict our behavioural patterns towards our consumption.

In the future when AI has truly arrived, we could have near perfect use of our energy resources guided by computers able to analyse and direct in milliseconds and to design more efficient production and storage of energy. However, that is the future, a future which won’t happen instantaneously overnight but rather by gradual progression.

And this is the real key point for us to consider, that AI doesn’t just mean what we hear in the movies but rather the ongoing development of smarter computers and programming that will make it easier for you to meet your energy needs in a green and cost-efficient manner, as well as being ready to meet the tougher legislation that governments are already introducing to reduce carbon emissions.

At UKEM we see our understanding of the technology available both now and going forward as one of the key pillars of the service we provide to our clients. Through understanding your needs and circumstances we will make you aware of the options available to you now and which offer your business value for money.

However, any energy strategy we put in place is reviewed to take into consideration your changing needs, changes in legislation and of course technological advances. That’s why we build long-term relationships with our clients as one of the key advisors to your businesses.

We can provide you with free impartial advice on how to run your business in a more energy efficient way so why not get in touch?