Is Now The Best Time To Secure Your Energy Future?

 THE IMPORTANCE OF TWO METERS (before and after the virus)

Without the TV, internet, radio, and even shop windows, would we have been able to know and understand how vital the two metre rule is? In only three weeks, from children to pensioners, the world has made the two metre rule a big part of its necessary precautions against disaster.

A swift paradigm shift has and continues to occur. People feel things are not going to be the same on the other side of the virus crisis; most business owners know a return to how their business was is unlikely, be it speedy or not.

UK Energy Management cannot cure the virus – the NHS and other key workers are delivering a commendable service in very challenging times; we thank them all.

Our services are focused on your company’s well being. We are able to improve and remove items from your To-Do List which is now top-heavy with sudden weighty issues: cash flow, lay-offs, and basic survival. UK Energy Management helps by applying The Two Meter Rule.

Our Two Meter Rule exposes invisible dangers which can potentially have a harsh impact on your company’s bottom line and work space.

As with most complex solutions, the solution is simple to explain – The Two Meter Rule is based on your electricity and gas meters.

With a copy of your energy bills and your written consent, our team will unlock previously unseen data about your business, and provide the following services FREE OF CHARGE:

  • Energy Contract Prices – Are you paying too much? Are you paying what you agreed? Are there any hidden charges?
  • Energy Metering and Data Costs- D0 you know you pay for metering and data collection? Do you know you can reduce this cost?
  • KVA Analysis – Are you getting enough power? Are you paying for excess capacity or being penalised for not ordering enough?
  • Power Factor Review- A general check of your buildings’ efficiency can be assessed with a quick look at your data
  • Consumption Report- Identifying patterns in use. Does your usage match your business hours?

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Stay Safe.